Golden Days

Time to get the summer sandals out! I’m a fan of green and LOVE these earrings. What do you think of the pair with my set?

Golden Days
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Pretty in Pink

A little inspiration to get you closer to Spring – and summer! I have a couple more abstracts coming to help you escape those Winter blues. Enjoy the palette’s and dream warm weather!

Pretty in Pink
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Assembing a Gallery Wall – 16 Simple Tips (it’s easy, I promise!!!)

I have a strange addiction with gallery walls.  I love both a symmetrical and asymmetrical appearance and the more eclectic, the better!  The best walls are the ones that are most inspired!

I LOVE some of these great spaces below – and you are very capable of making them yourself!!

Here are 16 TIPS TO CREATING A GREEEEEEEAT GALLERY WALL (and be the envy of all your friends!)

1.  Let your gallery wall be eclectic (it’s a lot easier than getting out the level and tape measure for every print…) .  I love what Blue Roof Cabins did in her kitchen area!!

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