I’ve moved – to a .com! Follow me at: www.organicallyopulent.com

Hi All,

I know I just started blogging, but I felt it was important to get my own website with the same name, before I didn’t have the opportunity to do so.  From this point forward, I will be posting my blog to http://www.organicallyopulent.com, versus here.

Please do continue to follow me there and I hope to see you soon!  Thank you for all your support!


About organicallyopulent

Hi - I'm all about anything organic in style; whether in fashion, decor, photography or jewellery, textiles....anything! I love all things unique, vintage, eclectic - with a twist of modern and traditional. I can't categorize my style because I love all things interesting and that catch my eye and there is just too much in the world I admire to put my style into one category! So sit back and enjoy! I hope that you find pleasure in seeing things in the light I do and that I help to inspire you too! Happy dreaming and living!
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6 Responses to I’ve moved – to a .com! Follow me at: www.organicallyopulent.com

  1. Hey Cortney! thanks for diggin my wall! did you see my blog post where i listed you as my favorite new blog for the month! i just wanted to ensure you saw it. =) http://sincerelywhitney.com/2013/03/18/just-my-taste/

    • I just saw it today – thank you, thank you Whitney. Great of you. I am happy to give you a shout out as well – but I’ve moved over to a .com. You can follow me there (or i’ve literally JUST set up a fb page – organically opulent). My .com address is: http://www.organicallyopulent.com. You’ve been so supportive. Thanks!

      • I saw that- ill make sure to fix the link in my post. you know you can link your WordPress to you.com right so they’re synced? that’s what I did and now they re simultaneously one site. just thought I’d let you know in case you were interested in doing that!
        xo- whit

      • OMG…that would save me sooo much time. I’ve just recreated the page b/c it’s now hosted. Is yours? what is your email address? We should connect offline! I have a couple of questions.
        Thank you – for everything!!!

      • i didnt buy hosting. i only purchased my domain name for 2 years so i wouldnt forget to renew it and then i paid wordpress 13$ to map my sincerelywhitney.wordpress.com account to my sincerelywhitney.com and with doing this someone can enter in either address and it will automatically take them to you .com no matter what. but you do all of your editing and posts through wordpress. account.
        email is sincerewhit@gmail.com

      • Thank you soo much. I’ll send you a separate message. You are the best!! I’m on it!

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