Out With the Old (and dark and dreary)

Now that Spring is approaching, we periodically get little bursts of sunlight during the day.  Those bursts of sun inspire me to get out and to clean up and organize things in the house (along with updating the house’s colour scheme!)

This morning,  while I was sitting with my baby girl, a glimmer of sun peaked through the blinds in our dining area.  This instantly made me think “today is the day to switch out this dark colour scheme for something lighter and brighter!”   Today seemed like the day to start removing the dark, dreary colours and being in a more cheery palette.

What is the quickest way to change a colour palette in your room you ask?!?!  YOUR ACCESSORIES!!   Pillows were the place to start for me this morning (at least until my daughter went for her nap).

Here are some images of the living room this morning to give you an idea of how the room has looked for the last couple of months:

IMG_0351 IMG_0320 IMG_0353 IMG_0348 IMG_0300IMG_0343 IMG_0346

Note the blue, green and grey.  All colours more suited to Fall and Winter.  😦

The shining sun, combined with the arrival of our new rug two days ago (ordered on Overstock.com), made me run downstairs to my “decor reservoir” (one of a couple) to get some pillow cases.  There were a couple, that I was thinking of in particular, that I thought would go f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s-l-y with the new rug.


I think that I will keep a couple of the grey pillows that were already out during the winter for the new “spring” colour palette.  I’m going to stick with the blue theme (one of my favourite colours), however, I’m going to use a much lighter shade of blue for both pillows and accents.

I put a couple of the blue pillows together with the grey ones and pulled a throw out as well.  What do you think?

IMG_0339 IMG_0340 IMG_0335IMG_0376 IMG_0332

Ah….the beginning stages of a living room transformation!!!  Much more to come!   Spring is just around the corner and I’ve only just started.

Note: All of the pillows shown in these pictures were purchased from one of the shops that I adore online at Etsy.com called “The Lacey Placey”

I hope I’ve inspired you to switch things up a little bit too!


About organicallyopulent

Hi - I'm all about anything organic in style; whether in fashion, decor, photography or jewellery, textiles....anything! I love all things unique, vintage, eclectic - with a twist of modern and traditional. I can't categorize my style because I love all things interesting and that catch my eye and there is just too much in the world I admire to put my style into one category! So sit back and enjoy! I hope that you find pleasure in seeing things in the light I do and that I help to inspire you too! Happy dreaming and living!
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2 Responses to Out With the Old (and dark and dreary)

  1. I know when you are living with your house one way for a season or two, by the end it can feel blah. However, your before pictures, to me, are really beautiful! I also like the after. What can I say…..I like a litlte of everything.

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