Weekly DIY – Issue #1

Because I’m new at this, please bear with me if I haven’t linked back to a page properly or if I have missed a link.

Please also feel free to provide any advice or let me know if I’ve missed something!  I’d love to give credit, where credit is due.

So, without further ado, please see below for some fantastic DIY ideas.

1.  the winthrope chronicles posted a great tutorial on how to create floating shelves.  As a followup to my post yesterday on creating a gallery wall (see Tip #16), you can see how great this wall looks with an added layer of depth.

floating shelves

2.  Create Inspire gave this depression era hutch new life using Anne Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  I LOVE the colour!


3. No sew drapes by love life larson are a great way to make a feature wall – and without having to get out a sewing machine!


4.  Electically Vintage created a cute song lyric plate (on a very small budget and in a short time frame – my kind of DIY!)  My favourite part of this DIY is that it’s dishwasher safe.

lyric plate

5.  Cocalores turned a boring IKEA dresser into a cute secretary desk.  Looks great!

magazine file to dresser storage cocalores linky

Thanks to all you ladies and great work!  Once again, you’ve inspired me to do more.


About organicallyopulent

Hi - I'm all about anything organic in style; whether in fashion, decor, photography or jewellery, textiles....anything! I love all things unique, vintage, eclectic - with a twist of modern and traditional. I can't categorize my style because I love all things interesting and that catch my eye and there is just too much in the world I admire to put my style into one category! So sit back and enjoy! I hope that you find pleasure in seeing things in the light I do and that I help to inspire you too! Happy dreaming and living!
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