Cabin Fever, or Spring Fever?

Though Spring is upon us, I can’t help but love the coziness of filmmaker Bobby Houston’s gorgeous cabin (below).  I love the beautiful fireplace (and how nice would that stone be to have in the kitchen??!?)

The balance of light pine walls, against the darker wooden floors, is majestic.  The open concept is just stunning…and so is his little French bulldog, Sedgwick!

Having a backdrop of wooded landscapes out of each window makes the cabin disappear into the woods.

Though I crave the warmth of Spring and Summer, fresh air and a lighter wardrobe for both me and the baby, I could completely snuggle up with a good book, blog or blanket in this cabin for a week – at least!

pure-and-simple-fireplace-0213-lgn pure-and-simple-kitchen-0213-lgn      pure-and-simple-marble-table-0213-lgn mar 1013-1mar1013-2 mar1013-3   mar1013-4 pure-and-simple-ceramic-pitchers-0213-lgn

via Country Living


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Hi - I'm all about anything organic in style; whether in fashion, decor, photography or jewellery, textiles....anything! I love all things unique, vintage, eclectic - with a twist of modern and traditional. I can't categorize my style because I love all things interesting and that catch my eye and there is just too much in the world I admire to put my style into one category! So sit back and enjoy! I hope that you find pleasure in seeing things in the light I do and that I help to inspire you too! Happy dreaming and living!
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