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Hi All,

I know I just started blogging, but I felt it was important to get my own website with the same name, before I didn’t have the opportunity to do so.  From this point forward, I will be posting my blog to http://www.organicallyopulent.com, versus here.

Please do continue to follow me there and I hope to see you soon!  Thank you for all your support!

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Some inspiration for the summer! I love the detail on the flats, the blazer and the Alexander McQueen blouse (though I’m not sure I could afford the price tag!!!) It’s always great to dream!

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Pillows, pillows and more pillows!

Yesterday I posted about the fact that I was anxious to switch my dark dreary fall decor over to something more “spring-like” in my living room.

To transform the room quickly, I started with a couple of switches to the pillows in the room.

Still looking to complete the rest of the “transformation” (sans baby!), I hope to take some inspiration from the pictures below – of other, very lovely, pillows!  I love some of the organic elements surrounding the pillows in the room.  I’d love to do more of the same in our living room.  🙂

Enjoy and hopefully you find some inspiration in them as well!


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Out With the Old (and dark and dreary)

Now that Spring is approaching, we periodically get little bursts of sunlight during the day.  Those bursts of sun inspire me to get out and to clean up and organize things in the house (along with updating the house’s colour scheme!)

This morning,  while I was sitting with my baby girl, a glimmer of sun peaked through the blinds in our dining area.  This instantly made me think “today is the day to switch out this dark colour scheme for something lighter and brighter!”   Today seemed like the day to start removing the dark, dreary colours and being in a more cheery palette.

What is the quickest way to change a colour palette in your room you ask?!?!  YOUR ACCESSORIES!!   Pillows were the place to start for me this morning (at least until my daughter went for her nap).

Here are some images of the living room this morning to give you an idea of how the room has looked for the last couple of months:

IMG_0351 IMG_0320 IMG_0353 IMG_0348 IMG_0300IMG_0343 IMG_0346

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Weekly DIY – Issue #1

Because I’m new at this, please bear with me if I haven’t linked back to a page properly or if I have missed a link.

Please also feel free to provide any advice or let me know if I’ve missed something!  I’d love to give credit, where credit is due.

So, without further ado, please see below for some fantastic DIY ideas.

1.  the winthrope chronicles posted a great tutorial on how to create floating shelves.  As a followup to my post yesterday on creating a gallery wall (see Tip #16), you can see how great this wall looks with an added layer of depth.

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Cabin Fever, or Spring Fever?

Though Spring is upon us, I can’t help but love the coziness of filmmaker Bobby Houston’s gorgeous cabin (below).  I love the beautiful fireplace (and how nice would that stone be to have in the kitchen??!?)

The balance of light pine walls, against the darker wooden floors, is majestic.  The open concept is just stunning…and so is his little French bulldog, Sedgwick!

Having a backdrop of wooded landscapes out of each window makes the cabin disappear into the woods.

Though I crave the warmth of Spring and Summer, fresh air and a lighter wardrobe for both me and the baby, I could completely snuggle up with a good book, blog or blanket in this cabin for a week – at least!

pure-and-simple-fireplace-0213-lgn pure-and-simple-kitchen-0213-lgn      Continue reading

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Spring in Your Step

And my last set for the night.

With the clocks “springing” forward, I hope that this Polyvore set with give you extra Spring in your step!

Note the green again – can’t live without it (and well, spring and summer are around the corner!)

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